School Power Update Incorporating RCD Protection

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School Power Update Incorporating RCD Protection

School Power Update Incorporating RCD Protection

An enquiry was made from a school who wanted to update their power distribution units in the classroom, to incorporate RCD protection. At the time of the enquiry the school was in term time and busy with its day to day learning. Therefore they needed to minimise distribution and ideally costs.

As a result of the schools specific needs they approached us to work with them on providing a suitable solution. Knowing we have a comprehensive range of standard PDUs. As well as the UK manufacturing capabilities to produce custom made designs. We were a great fit for the school.

Our technical team then got to work with the school for the best solution. Much to their surprise we proposed to supply a PDU which would match the same size and fixings as their existing PDU. However this new custom made PDU would also incorporating RCD protection as they had requested.

The school accepted our proposed solution and advised us they wanted to carry out the upgrade during school holidays to avoid any disruption. We then manufactured the PDU’s and stored them in our warehouse ready for to delivery so we could meet the schools installation schedule.

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