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Olson Electronics are the market leading manufacturer of power distribution units.

We specialise in manufacturing to customer specification, to supply the right product for the right application.

Olson PDUs are hand-made with the finest quality components within the electrical industry. Our data centre products are manufactured to EN60950-1:2006 and we are a ISO9001:2015 accredited company.

We have our own assembly, metal fabrication and paint spraying facilities so we have direct control over the entire manufacturing process. Every product is handmade and quality checked at each stage of manufacture and then 100% electrically tested.

We work very closely with our customers and have an unrivalled knowledge in providing their best power distribution solution.

Case Study

School needing custom RCD protected PDUs

Olson offer an extensive range of below desk, on desk and wall mounting power distribution solutions including products with Wieland interconnect cables and units conforming to BS 6396.

We can also provide floor boxes, cables and basket trays to complete your installation plus a custom design service to provide a solution that meets your exact requirements.

An office furniture installation company had previously installed Olson PDU’s on a project in London but needed to update the installation to include RCBO protection.

Working with the customer it was decided the best solution would be to remove the PDU’s, return them to Olson where the PDU’s were modified, re tested and then shipped back to site for re installation.

This solution proved to be the quickest and most cost effective for the customer.

The PDU’s were modified, re-tested and then shipped back to site


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